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In addition to our in-house service departments (grip, lighting, and transport), through our professional network we can provide service personnel to fill any position required for film production staffing.


If you need help filling positions in any of the areas listed below, contact the ACME office for a consultation.

ART DEPARTMENT - production design, art directors, set decorators, leadmen

AUDIO - PA systems, back line eqpt, audio recording, playback

CAMERA - D.P.'s, operators, assistants

CASTING - casting directors, agents

CATERING - onsite catering, delivery, booths

CONSTRUCTION - project coordinators, carpenters

ELECTRIC - gaffers, best boys, lamp operators

GRIP - key grips, best boy grips, dolly grips, rigging grips

LOCATION - management, scouts, location photography

OFFICE STAFF - production coordinators, line managers, production assistants

PHOTOGRAPHY - production stills, location photography, digital photo manipulation

POST PRODUCTION – video editing, color correction, special effects, sound design, soundtrack

PROPS - prop masters, assistants

SET DECORATION - set design, set decorators, buyers

STAGING & TRUSS - mobile stages, lighting, custom decks & frameworks

TRANSPORTATION - trucks, trailers, licensed drivers

WARDROBE - costume design, wardrobe rental

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